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Your connection to the Dayton, Ohio Hispanic and Latino Community

Dayton, Ohio – Hispanic Community Resources

Dayton Ohio Hispanic / Latino Community Resources

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life in the Latino community by addressing housing, health care, social services and safety issues.



Government Agencies / Agencias Gubernamentales

Cultural Organizations / Organizaciones Culturales

Hispanic Organizations / Organizaciones Hispanas

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Apartment Rentals

Translation Services / Servicios de Traduccion

Real Estate Agents / Corredores de Propiedades

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English Classes / Classes de Ingles

Government Agencies

Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis / Consulado de México en Indianápolis

El Consulado de México en Indianápolis inició sus servicios a la comunidad mexicana residente en las regiones Centro y Sur de los Estados de Indiana y Ohio, Sur de Illinois y todo Kentucky, el 26 de noviembre de 2002.

Dirección: 331 S East St., Indianapolis, IN 46204
 Línea de información: (317) 761-7600
 Fax: (317) 761-7610
De Oficina: lunes a viernes de 8 am a 5 pm

Atención al Público: lunes a viernes de 8:15 a 13:45

U.S Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States.

USCIS Mission Statement

USCIS will secure America’s promise as a nation of immigrants by providing accurate and useful information to our customers, granting immigration and citizenship benefits, promoting an awareness and understanding of citizenship, and ensuring the integrity of our immigration system.

City of Dayton

This is the official site of the city of Dayton, Ohio. Here you will find information in regards City Commissioners, City Manager, News and services, information about the city of Dayton, Job Openings and Registration, Recycling, Tax Forms, Tech Town, City of Datyon Television Network, and the Dayton Originals Campaign.

This website consolidates many of the Business Success Stories and many popular requests from the community.

Welcome Dayton

Click here to view comments from local immigrants and other community endorsers

The Welcome Dayton Plan is a consensus of the goals and recommendations of over 100 individuals and representatives of a wide array of immigrant, public, and private groups who voluntarily came together to discuss how to engage our new residents in revitalizing our neighborhoods, building our population and strengthening our economic base.

The Welcome Dayton Plan was developed based on recommendations from four sub-committees covering business and economic development; local government and the justice system; social and health services; and community, culture, arts and education.

The Welcome Dayton Plan is designed to act as a framework for action. It is a way forward for not only the City organization but also the entire community.

Read the Welcome Dayton Report

Communities across America are at a crossroad: to
welcome and integrate new residents and help them
on a path to citizenship, or to allow old stereotypes,
fears and preconceptions to hinder future success.

In a community where immigrants are welcomed, they
receive mutual respect and support, while in an unwelcoming
community they can experience social isolation, health
problems, poverty and social discord. This report is an action
plan that can provide a roadmap for the City of Dayton to
become a nationally recognized Immigrant Friendly City.
Over one hundred people touched, influenced or had a
hand in formulating this report: Welcome Dayton: Immigrant
Friendly City. This report can be viewed as a “shout out” that
says: Welcome to Dayton – This is an Immigrant Friendly City.

Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs

The Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs was created in 1977 with seventeen mandates proscribed in sections 121.32 and 121.33 of the Ohio Revised Code. These mandates fall into one of three categories:

* TO ADVISE the Governor, the Ohio General Assembly, and state government agencies on all matters affecting Hispanic Ohioans, by issuing reports, proposing programs, commenting on legislation, and conducting policy-related research.

* TO CONNECT the diverse Latino communities across the State of Ohio by serving as a hub of information for and about Hispanic Ohioans by hosting meetings, conducting surveys, promoting collaboration, encouraging communication, and endeavoring to assure access to decision-making bodies.

* TO BUILD the capacity of Latino community organizations, especially those of, for, and by Hispanic Ohioans, by applying for and accepting grants in partnership with organizations, subcontracting programs to local groups, and conducting education programs to enhance and strengthen community organization staff and leadership.


Ohio Habla is a podcast directed by Dr. Elena Foulis and born out of the oral history project about Latin@s in Ohio, Oral Narratives of Latin@s in Ohio (ONLO). It seeks to amplify the Latin@ experience with interviews in Spanish, English and Spanglish.


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Cultural Organizations

Culture Works

Culture Works is greater Dayton’s united arts fund and arts service agency. Our mission is to provide funds and services to strengthen the arts and culture in the Miami Valley. Incorporated in 1993, Culture Works was created through the merger of two long-established Dayton organizations: ARTSDAYTON and the Miami Valley Arts Council.

Dayton International Festival, Inc

The goal of Dayton International Festival, Inc. (DIFI) is to preserve and promote the culture and history of our heritage and countries. DIFI members meet every month to plan and prepare for their biggest event of the year: the international festival–A World A’Fair.

Hispanic Organizations

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

The Mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States. Click here for a Dayton Chapter membership form

Del Pueblo, Inc.

Del Pueblo is a non-profit (503c) social organization in Clark and vicinity counties dedicated to community building and advocacy of Spanish-speaking persons.

Puerto Rican and Caribbean Organization (PACO)

PACO is dedicated to the success of the Hispanic Community. We are a non-profit organization established in January 1991. A staff of volunteers, seventy five percent of which are Hispanic, operates PACO. Our goals are to promote awareness and educate the Dayton community about the rich Hispanic culture. PACO promotes Hispanic arts and offers cultural events. In the future, we will provide assistance and referrals to the Hispanic community regarding housing, education, jobs, interpreters, banking services, and family service programs.

El Puente Learning Center

“El Puente” Learning Center will provide a bridge for the Latino students from the Dayton Public Schools and non-public Schools to narrow the gap of identified academic shortcomings. The program will be a combined effort of the Wright State University College of Education and Human Services, Dayton Public Schools (DPS) and the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

The Wright State University Office of Latino Affairs is highly supportive of the El Puente Tutoring Center, which provides a bridge for Latino youth from Dayton public schools and non-public schools in kindergarten through eighth grade to succeed in their schoolwork. The center is staffed with university students who volunteer their time to help tutor Latino youth. For more information on how to volunteer, contact Alyssa Wagner (alyssa.m.wagner@gmail.com).

Path Stone

Begun in 1969, PathStone is a private, not-for-profit community development and human service organization serving Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virginia, and Vermont.

Dayton Hispanic Chamber

About Our Mission
The Mission of the Dayton Hispanic Chamber is to promote economic development through growth of Hispanic business and the Hispanic market.

5100 Springfield St #100

Dayton, OH 45431

Phone (937) 256-2975

The Latin American Association (LAA)

Promote, share, and preserve the Latino culture through the arts. We extend our 501-C status in grant applications and other appropriate needs; share grant application knowledge; make referrals; provide income producing events; we also refer inquiries to more appropriate social organizations.

Contact : Dolores Quinones at loladquinones1@yahoo.com

Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Dayton

The mission of the Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Dayton is to promote the heritage and culture of Puerto Rico, by providing the Dayton-Miami Valley region with access knowledge and exposure to the very best in Puerto Rican music, dance, visual arts, and all other forms of artistic expression. As part of the growing needs of the Dayton Hispanic Community, our mission is expanding to include other Latino cultures as well.

For more information call (937) 222-1505 or e-mail at prcs126@sbcglobal.net


Biblioteca de Dayton Metro (Dayton,Ohio)

Dayton Metro Library

The Dayton Metro Library Is a Place for Discovery

The Dayton Metro Library brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to discover new things about the world, themselves, and each other. Within our Branches and beyond our walls, we are advocates for exploration, champions of literacy, and active facilitators of empowerment, inclusion, and positive change.

La biblioteca de Dayton Metro atrate a la gente de todas las edades a descubrir cosas nuevas acerca del mundo, ellos y de otros.

Five Rivers Health Centers

Five Rivers Health Centers is committed to providing access to quality,
comprehensive and respectful care for our patients and community.

Eight unique locations
Come for a routine physical exam at our Family Health Center, or get that much needed teeth cleaning at the Dental Center. Whatever service you need, we have it. For more information on our locations, click below.

Five Rivers Health Centers is a Federally Qualified Health Center

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are community-based organizations that provide comprehensive primary and preventive care to persons of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay. FQHCs provide comprehensive health services to medically under-served areas while helping patients to establish medical

Call Us For More Information
Para mas informacion hable al telefono:
(937) 208-8585

Attorneys / Abogados


Catholic Hispanic Ministry

Sr. Maria Francine Stacy, SND
Assistant Director – Dayton

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati, rich in history and sprawling in geography, is a microcosm of the Catholic Church in the United States – and of the nation itself. In its 19 counties one finds cities and towns; suburbs and rural areas; farms and factories; affluence and poverty
Spanish language liturgy.

Sacramental preparation: Sept-May Sundays 12:00pm
Tax Preparation through the Law Dept of UD: March and April
Prayer Group: Sundays before Mass: 11:00am
Other services: computer classes, translation, Marriage and Baptism preparation in Spanish

Dayton: Sunday Mass at 1:15 PM at Holy Family Parish, 140 S. Findlay, Dayton..

Cincinnati: Sundays 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM Masses, followed by fellowship after mass at the Hispanic Center.

Hamilton: Sunday Mass at 1:00 PM at St. Julie Billiart, 224 Dayton St., Hamilton.


2725 E 5th St.
Dayton, Ohio 45403
Phone: 937-258-1309
Fax: 937-258-1311

Iglesia Santa Teresa (Springfield, Ohio)

Hispanic Ministry

We provide a Liturgy in Spanish for area residents twice a month, the first and third Sundays at 5 pm and prepare candidates, parents, and sponsors for the reception of sacraments. We also offer assistance to local residents with translations as needed and assistance in negotiating necessary paperwork and with difficult situations. Annual special celebrations of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Las Posadas are held in December. It is our mission to offer the opportunity for our local Catholic Hispanics to practice their faith, to be integrated into the larger Catholic community and to help them become participants in the larger community.

Baptisim preparation is by appointment and First Holy Communion preparation is by appointment and as scheduled for the group. Las Mananitas, the morning prayer for December 12th, and Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass is celebrated on December 12th. Las Posadas, preparation for Christmas is scheduled on the closest Sunday. Spanish/English Missalettes and Bibles are available for participants. All are welcome! For more information contact Mary Alice Ordonez at 342-8861 or E-mail at mary.alice.ordonez@bizwoh.rr.com

College Hill Community Church – Ministerio Hispano

1547 Philadelphia Dr.
Dayton, OH 45406
Tel: (937) 278-4203
Email: collegehillchurch@ameritech.net

Mission Statement:
Create an inviting spiritual home where our
Hispanic brothers and sisters feel welcome;where their cultural and spiritual gifts are affirmed and their spiritual and physical needs are
ministered; where they are encouraged to
participate as full members of our church family
and we as a family are transformed into greater
likeness of Christ.

Apartment Rentals


Clases de Ingles

Miami Valley Interpreters, LLC

2390 South Dixie Highway
Kettering, OH 45409
Spanish Phone Line: (937)-672-8100
Office (937)-222-8200


Vocalink enables clients to centralize their global communications by managing their translation and interpretation activity in different languages.

Professionally trained Interpreters are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, for any language.

Real Estate / Corredores de Propiedades

Claudia V. Espinoza

Corredora de Propiedades con Keller Williams Community Partners.
Con licencia desde enero 2017.
Pagina web es https://daytonlivingforsale.com/
Telefono: (937) 212-3700

Claudia V. Espinoza, Realtor
Real Estate agent for Keller Williams Community Partners
Licensed since January 2017.
Website: https://daytonlivingforsale.com/
Phone: (937) 212-3700

Visit my website – Facebook – Linked in

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Attorneys / Abogados

Immigration Attorneys / Abogados de inmigracion
Hilary Lerman
249 Wyoming Street
Dayton , OH 45409-2826
Work: (937) 225-3805

Translation Services

Name / Nombre del Lugar Address / Direccion Conctact / Contacto                Schedule / Horario
Hispanic Catholic Ministry 2725 E.Fifth, St. (Findlay y Burkhardt) 937-258-1309 Domingos a las 2:30pm
Kettering Adult School 3750 Far Hills (Entre Dorothy y Stroop) 937-296-7198 DL. Barnes BuildingLunes ,Martes, Miércoles, Jueves de 9 a 11:30 a.m. y de 6:00 p.m to 8:30 pm (servicio de guardería solo por la mañana)
West CarroltonWalter Shade ECC 510 E. Pease, Ave. 937-499-1450 Lunes, Martes, Miercoles y Jueves de 9-11:30 am.También de  6:00 a 8:30 de la tarde.(no guarderia)
East End 427 Steele Ave.  (esquina con C/ Xenia) 937-499-1450 Lunes, Martes, Miercoles y Jueves de 9-11:30am
St John’s United Churchof Christ 515 E. Third, St. 937-461-3332 Lunes a jueves de 9:30 a11:45 de la mañana.Verano: 21 de junio -29 de julio (2010)
American Red Cross 370 W. First St. 937-222-6711 Lunes y MiércolesDe 6:30-9:00 de la tarde.
Huber HeigthsEnglish Language Program 7505 Taylorsville Rd. 937-235-5783 5783   lunes, miércoles y viernesde 9 a 12 del medio día.(Servicio de guardería)
MLVC 333 W 1st St Suite 130 937-223-4922 Lunes a Jueves 10-3pm