THE BIG TABLE CONVERSATION Importance of the 2020 Count

Like hundreds of hosts around central Ohio, OCHLA partnered with The Columbus Foundation, The Children’s Defense Fund, Proyecto Mariposas, The Dominican Sisters of Peace, and Common Spirit to host a Big Table Conversation. With the upcoming Census 2020 as the focus, several organizations and community members came together to discuss the importance of the 2020 count and why it was most important to accurately count everyone, especially children. The conversation started with a presentation about the census and the groups most affected by inaccurate census data. After this presentation, those in attendance were encouraged to consider and discuss several questions about how to get accurate minority counts, to address fears regarding citizenship and what programs can help with this cause. The turn out was successful, with everyone actively listening and sharing their ideas to help with the 2020 Census. Everyone left feeling inspired and looking forward to the next conversation.


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